Soft material thickness gauge / Soft material thickness meter
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The DT-25 Soft material thickness gauge is used to perform precise thickness measurements in soft materials and conforms to international standards.

The easy adjustable descending speed of the presser foot is controlled by a unique hydraulic damping system that ensures a superior repeatability and eliminates human dependent results.

The applied pressure is defined by an adjustable counterweight system, an easy to use feature that allows continuous pressure adjustment.
Resolution: 0.01 mm (optional 0.001 mm)
Accuracy: 0.02 mm (optional 0.002 mm)
Range: 0 - 25 mm
Velocity: easy adjustable by a hydraulic system
Press foot contact diameter: 2 - 60 mm (delivered with a standard diameter 56.42 mm presser foot, customised sizes upon request)
Applied pressure: 10 - 1000 g load mass
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